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About Me

Living my dream to help you reach yours!

I have loved math for as long as I can remember! I love to solve problems and enjoy a challenge. This led me to major in Mathematics and teach high school math for 5 years. I enjoy helping people get the light bulb moment and using numbers to find clarity. After having 2 precious kids, my focus shifted from the classroom to my home. I wanted to keep helping people while using numbers and be able to work from home. Bookkeeping has been the perfect fit and I am so thankful to be owning my own business since 2018!

Owning a business is tough...DON'T do it alone!

You probably didn’t start your business because you love bookkeeping. It is something that comes with this dream of yours! Since you are a hard worker and a get it done kind of person you may have thought you should just figure it out.  Your time is too valuable to do this when you could be doing what you love and making your business grow! Or maybe you have been paying your CPA a lot of money for very little personal help. You need personal, consistent attention to you finances to get the results you want!

Where I come in

#1 There is money left on the table when your books are done wrong and you can’t use them to predict and enhance the future of your business.
Stop leaving money on the table and get some help!

#2 What is the value of your time?! You should only do what ONLY YOU can do.  Andy Stanley said that first and it is so true! My prices start at $300 a month because I get results and get you back to doing what only you can do!

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